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    hi everyone,
    I'm a fan from Germany and I'm looking for Grand National on vinyl. I tried to get one since 2011 when I bought April Uprising (regular european version... but I'm happy it was available at least). As you all know, they go for quite some money on ebay and discogs. I'm now giving up on trying to catch one for a reasonable price on one of those platforms.
    So my question to you guys and a last desparate attempt to get it: Does anybody have a spare copy? I'm willing to pay good money, but I simply dont have 1000 dollars (and probably never will). I'd really like to have one. It takes me back to my trip to Australia in 2012 which was the best time I ever had. We listened to the thing all the time and its such a great record...
    Hope this works out...
    Greetings and keep up the good work,
    Simon from Germany
    PS: I'm also interested in Sunrise over Sea but Grand National is the holy grail of records for me and I probably cant afford both (let alone one )
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