OCEAN is a very interesting aspect of my life. It is part of my DNA. It conveys all things I can’t put into words. Life, loss, love, spirit. As I evolve so too does ‘Ocean’. The song was first recorded as part of my first album/cassette, “Searching For Heritage“, which I sold when I busked, then for my first self-titled studio album 12 years ago – “John Butler (1998)”. The song has been watched online incredibly over 25 million times in various formats, nearly always live, be it from MusicMax Sessions or from one of the many festivals I have had the pleasure to play. I’d like to thank you for your continued support over all these years; it means so much to me. I would like to thank you by offering this first studio recording of ‘Ocean’ in over a decade as a free download. I recorded it in my favourite studio, The Compound here in Fremantle Western Australia, a studio you helped me build. This marks just another fleeting moment in a career that is very much ongoing. I look forward to bringing you many new songs and albums into the future and continuing this amazing journey with you ALL.


John Butler

16 Responses to "Ocean (2012)"
  1. fred wolf says:

    muito bom,,,,, :)

  2. Fill says:

    Ocean in fact was the song that came to attract my attention to JBT. But the most remarkable thing i was presented, was a live concert in Japan, where the band had a show incredible, with a energy, i mean, a super musical energy with the audience, that was something really stimulating to see. God bless this artists for their work, posture, music and joy, that they transmit to all of us.

  3. William says:

    You have no idea how much I love this song. It is so inspiring! And I can’t stop listening to it. I’ve been hearing JBT since 2011 (one a the best days of my life) when I realized the music was so good! And since then, after listening it for so many times, I can’t get tired of it! Thank you John for sharing your feelings threw great music!

  4. Fergus Baillie-Lowis says:

    Love your tunes Jonh and want you to play at my wedding in June – July 2014 in Hampshire England. Would be amazing to have you as a special guest! I’m currently in Cape Town if you are coming this way.. Rock On

  5. steph says:

    I really love your music
    it’s so incredible
    love you

  6. Brendan says:

    very cool studio version:) definately a favourite of mine :) can’t wait for more JBT Stuff :)

  7. Craig says:

    looking for a phillytown date. I read where there is a noon at lunch and a world café appearance which are similar but not same to the boys live for a few hours. We saw JBT in Camden at XPN festival and want more. Great music, great times better words share the love, Peace.

  8. Marissa Krecker says:

    I listen to this song when I run, bike, celebrate, need to get stoked for a Saturday night out or need a good cry. I fall asleep to it and it is even on my playlist for my ski conditioning class that I teach. It is the most dynamic, inspiring and captivating song I have ever heard. I can’t wait to see you guys 2/14/14!!!

  9. Sebastien says:

    You’re my inspiration. When I’m feeling down, I listen to one of your songs and serenity fills my mind. You did a great job JBT and I’m sure that you’ll continue :). Thanks for all these sensations RESPECT!!!

  10. Tania Thompson says:

    Got turned on to John when he first appeared on the Aria awards and we had just started dating in the early 2000′s, had to search high and low for a CD. Blown away when attending Powderfinger concert at Newcastle to find the support act was JBT!!! Watched John boogie away beside the stage when Powderfinger did their set. Many times we experienced JBT at the Civic Theatre(love that venue) with my little girl on our laps, she’s now 16. Then to the Newcastle Entertainment Centre concerts & back to the Civic for the intimate shows. When we finally married in 2006 at Rainbow Beach Qld ‘Ocean’ was our Here Comes the Bride. Three sons have followed this, one named Jahli after I had found this fabulous name on the inside of a JBT CD cover (his initials are JBT too by coincidence not intentional). We thank you for all you have given us over the last decade or so, your music has been a massive part of our history so far. Let us grow old together, forever tapping toes and shakin’ our thing. Our humble thanks from some very dedicated fans.

  11. Kaden Karakochuk says:

    John Butler saved my life with his music, all the songs he made just connected with my situations. He is also a remarkable guitarist.
    Me also playing guitar it inspired me to, well be as good as him.
    We all love/thank you for everything.

  12. Bruno says:

    You’re amazing! This song is amazing! Of course the other songs are also fantastic, but this was the first song that came to my attention for you! I’m a musician and I study with musics that has a very advanced level of difficulty, and since I heard this and began to study it, I improved my technique and mainly my musical spirit through this song! That I that have to thank you! THANK YOU JOHN BUTLER (TRIO)!

  13. stephen says:

    A complete song. I am grateful.

  14. Sudipto banerjee says:

    Its the most brilliant cyclic rythem i ever heard

  15. Richard says:

    This song brings a smile to my face no matter how I am feeling.
    In your chaos there is so much harmony.
    Thank You.

  16. Forest Farmer says:

    Started listening to JBT in 2011. Once I heard a song or two from April Uprising I was hooked. I got on i-tunes and started getting more songs. I found Ocean on You tube and could not beleive all that came from just John, pure magic!! Finally got to see JBT in Nashville TN. The best concert i’ve ever seen, can’t wait to see them again!

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