A Letter From John Butler

August 1st, 2018

It’s been 4 long years since we last dropped a JBT album. I want to say right now thank you for your incredible patience and your support throughout that time, be it coming to shows, buying an album, streaming a song or spreading the word. What ever you have been doing its been amazing because there seems to be more and more of your wonderful faces out there when we hit the road and play live. 
So it’s almost that time again. Sept 28th to be exact, when our next album becomes a reality. And today you get a glimpse and a taste of HOME the album, through the new single, also called HOME! I sincerely hope you like our first offering, something a little edgier, a little darker or modern than you maybe expecting, but fresh and forward sounding. There’s so much more to come and it traverses some wide sonic territory from the production on HOME to simple folk songs with a little twist and everything in between. 
Given the very personal subject matter of the new songs on HOME and where I was at mentally and emotionally, I wondered what it might mean to record in mainly a solo format for the first time ever and this track scratches the surface of the emotional and sonic landscape that eventually became the bedrock of the album.
I made this album with the help of long term friend and producer Jan Skubiszewski. He helped me realise and bring to life these personal songs that meant so much to me and as always my fellow collaborators Byron and Grant brought their magic too. 
Throughout the years that it took to make this album, there were tears and frustration, confusion and chaos. But there was also family and friends, honesty and vulnerability, gardens and harvest, service and surrender. And in amongst it all, ultimately, there was joy.
We look forward to taking these songs on the road to clubs, theatres and festivals around the globe. We have bumped up the numbers to a 5 piece for this next chapter, hence the JBT+ you may have been seeing out there. It is certainly taken the live show to another level  for myself. 

So have a peek, watch the lyric video for HOME, come to a show AND check out the album when it drops!!!! I’m proud of it!!! I really feel truly grateful and blessed to have had such a profound relationship and journey with you all through my music and CAN NOT WAIT to share this next chapter. Big Love and Respect to you all Family.