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John Butler Euro Tour 2021


Fire Aid - A Benefit Concert

FIRE AID – A Benefit Concert & Album

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Tomorrow is sold out but this is gonna be a good night for a great cause.
Developers and money driven Councillors want to turn our region into their next cash cow. Their next Gold Coast. No disrepute Yugerra and Bundjalung country. That country is STRONG, but can’t see how over developing, mega tourism and just jeans added to the regions charm. If anything is ends up usurping it.
So Wooditjup Bilya (Margaret River) community is saying we don’t want a five star hotel ANYWHERE on the delicate and pristine coastlines of Wadandi Booja. Developers go somewhere else. Somewhere where you actually DO have the social license and decent environmental considerations in place.

Hey Family,
I’m playing a 60 min live tonight on the Don’t Frack The Territory Face book page !!!
It’s starts 5:30pm West Australian Time.
Link in Bio!!
This is a fund raiser to help First Nation and Non indigenous Northern Territory citizens fight the greedy pirates that want to come on to land that they have NO permission to be on and Frack ; jeopardizing ancient water aquifers with their recklessly unregulated industry and dodgy extracting practices.

This is very significant and extremely important news for us to respond to. If you love the Kimberley region this is a moment to activate.

First fracking application in WA under McGowan since the moratorium - are now before the EPA!

Yet all the promises the state govt made for further protection and addressing community concerns below HAVE NOT been addressed.

1. Veto rights for Traditional Owners
2. Veto rights for freehold land owners
3. Iconic Natural Heritage Places to be protected from fracking
4. Code of Practice
5. Early and ongoing engagement with local communities
6. Public Health Impact
7. Penalties (environmental compliance tools)
8. Financial assurances

So here’s what’s happening as we speak

Texan fracking company Black Mountain is proposing to drill and frack 6 wells in the Kimberley. The project is to take place in approximately 123km southeast of Derby, within the Shire of Derby. This area has been fracked by Buru in 2015 where radioactive water came to the surface as a result.
This is the first blatant fracking plan in the state under the McGowan Government. The companies exploring in the Kimberley liken the amount of gas there to areas of the US where tens of thousands of wells have been fracked. It starts with a few, and quickly expands.
You have a chance to make sure this dangerous project receives a high amount of scrutiny. The EPA has given the public days to comment on what level of assessment this fracking project should have. Submissions close at midnight this Friday 14th August.

Links for submissions in my bio

It’s your country if you don’t stand for it who will?

Working and grinding. Sending out love to you all. ...

These Cats wanna Frack this beautiful region. If you’re around Perth folks get down. Let’s tell them to FRACK OFF!!!
@environskimberley @frackfreekimberley @frackfreewa

Hello to all the West Oz and especially Sth West mob.
Tomorrow there will be a rally to protect Gnarabup and our beautiful coastline here around Wooditjup Bilya ( Margaret River ) . It starts at 12 pm and is at Ruether Park. If you don’t want to see the state, local and corporate Governments of this state turn this coastline into their next Gold Coast dreams then TURN UP AND STAND UP AND BE COUNTED!!!!

Developers and the state government have told us is ‘all go’ and there’s nothing we can do but that’s just another tactic to try and keep this community in their boxes. Let’s show them that the community decides NOT them!!

Go to @preserve_gnarabup to find out more

@bluesfestbyronbay have announced their lineup & I’M ON IT! Head to the website to get tickets NOW! ...

Hey Family,
Tomorrow the Victorian Greens get to vote for who they want to be their next senator, following the retirement of Richard diNatale.

Although I don’t live in Victoria I’m throwing my support behind @lidiathorpegunnaigunditj
As one of Australia’s staunchest Aboriginal activists and commentators, Lidia has a deep connection to Country which she and her ancestors have nurtured for thousands of years - land which was never ceded that she fights tirelessly for protection.
First Nations Peoples continue to be marginalised by our government and we can’t move forward as a nation until this is addressed and Aboriginal voices are in parliament.
If you live in Victoria get out, Vote & and check out Lidia Thorpe .
Big Love to all you out there family,

Once again this beautiful part of the world is under threat. Theres many different corporate interest on this path for this part of the world but the one in question right now is called Buru Energy.
We need to let Buru Energy know that fracking the Kimberley is unacceptable.
They are holding their Annual General Meeting this week at cable beach in Broome on Thursday May 7 at 10.30 am. Because of COVID-19 we can’t gather to protest as we have done in the past, at Cable Beach or anywhere else.

So we are holding a virtual ralley right now!!!!!! It’s a little involved but in the scheme of things it’s hardly an effort. I’m not yelling here just hoping this breaks through all the info you’re being exposed to. Here’s how to post you holding your placard.

How to Check in to Facebook Places
1. Go to your News Feed and tap on What’s on your mind?
2. Click on the 3 horizontal dots …
3. Choose Check in
4. The input box should say At Where are you?
5. Type in ‘Cable Beach’
6. From the list of Cable Beach Broome check-in sites, choose the one that says Cable Beach with over 40,000 check-ins
7. Now you are checking in at Cable Beach. Here you can add a statement in the What’s on your mind? box, then click the Photo/Video tag and upload your photo with your placard
8. Hit the Post at the bottom of the check-in screen; your comment and photo will be added to the Cable Beach check-in site and shared with your friends
Make sure you set the post to ‘Public’ so everyone can see it.
Sign-up for the Facebook event here:

If you’re on Twitter, please Tweet @BuruEnergy #Don’tFracktheKimberley
For a Frack Free Kimberley!
Marti @BuruEnergy #Don’tFracktheKimberley
For a Frack Free Kimberley!

@matonguitars .
I’ll be streaming live in 30 minutes from NOW ON THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE. JM NOT YELING BUT KINDA AM.

Yo, Guitar Loverrrrrs, I’m doing a Q&A on the @matonguitars Facebook Page TOMORROW, Monday the 4th of May from 10AM AWST / 12PM AEST. Tune in & Nerd Out! ...

Tonight y’all. @theteskeybrothers 7pm East Oz,5 pm on the Best coast. ...

Hey family, here’s a little ISO article with myself and my partner @mamakinpics in the Australian (it’s a newspaper for all y’all people from overseas). Go to the link in my bio/linktree and watch the whole video of Jenny. This is a song Dan and I wrote together some years back and it’s still one of our favourites to play. Love singing this song with her. Hope y’all enjoy. ...

Hey family,
Brendon from @theteskeybrothers has a iso show called ‘The Not So Late Show’ and this week I’m his guest. He asked me to do a video plug and this is my smart ass attempt. It will be live on Instagram ( I think ) this Sunday, May 3rd at 7pm EST ( East Coast Australian Time )

In these unprecedented times of COVID-19 the arts sector have been doing what they always have .... Being creative!!! Finding new and exciting ways to create and nurture culture. This project is right in line with that and sounded so cool and I just had to be a part of it. Along with two very talented actors @fullyrosebyrne & @ewen_leslie - please tune in NEXT week; details below... RED LINE PRESENTS
. ▪️ A one-off, worldwide livestream on Friday 8th May 2020 at 8:30pm (New York EDT) / Saturday 9th May 2020 at 10:30am (Sydney AEST). . ▪️ The performers be connected from their homes in Sydney, Perth and New York City. Exclusively streamed by @canvas_collective .
▪️ Tickets sold to this stream will also support @atyp_theatre , @supportact, @abfnsw and @steppenwolfthtr ▪️ PLEASE NOTE: If you have lost income due to COVID-19 or find yourself in any sort of financial hardship you do not need to buy a ticket. The stream is available for all at the advertised time via the link on our website. If you have the means, please grab a ticket. .
All Stream and ticket details:


To all of my fans in Europe and the UK. Thank you so much for your patience on awaiting news on my upcoming shows. Firstly, I just want to wish you all good health and hope that you are coping during these crazy times. We have been watching from afar and want to pass on our sincere thoughts for those who have lost family or friends to COVID-19.

We are thrilled to announce that our upcoming European solo tour will now be rescheduled  for April/May 2021. Thank you to all the people who have been working hard to make this happen.

Previously purchased tickets will be valid for next year's shows and we ask that if possible you hold onto them so we can meet up then.

Unfortunately, we have been unable to reschedule the  Tschirgart Jazz Festival in Austria, the Italian show in Trieste, and the concert in Lyon, France. Tickets for these cancelled shows will be refunded from point of purchase.
In better news, we have been able to add three new shows in Italy in Genova, Forlì and Padova and also an extra show in Montpelier, France. Tickets for these shows are on sale now from
In the meantime, please look after yourselves and each other and I’ll see you on the other side.
Biggest of love,