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John Butler (1998) Limited Edition Vinyl Record

Only 1,000 copies available.
Shipping from each region below until sold out!
Orders start Friday 7th May at 9am (11am East Coast Australia)


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The Australian store features the full JBT album catalog and a large selection of t-shirts and other items. Merch from the Australian tours ends up here when available. Ships globally.

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The North American online store features unique merchandise from North American tours along with the latest albums. Best option for shipping within America.

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24-bit Lossless Direct Downloads

Ocean (2012) & Searching For Heritage are now available in 24-bit depth Lossless WAV, FLAC or M4A direct from
Prices are in Australian Dollars $AUD

24-bit Lossless Direct Downloads

Available for direct download purchase from – 24-bit depth Lossless digital downloads of OCEAN (2012) and SEARCHING FOR HERITAGE (2016).
These downloads come directly from the Vinyl master and are available in
WAV, FLAC or Apple Lossless iOS m4a and also mp3.

An mp3 version is also included in each Lossless package.

Payment via PayPal, Credit Card
BitcoinCash BCH, Bitcoin BTC, Litecoin LTC, Ethereum ETH

About the File Formats
There is no difference in audio quality but FLAC & m4a are a compressed file format while retaining the full lossless audio quality. Each package also contains mp3 versions for convenience.

Apple Lossless m4a files can be played in iTunes and all iOS devices as uncompressed lossless audio. If you only use Apple products, choose this package and add it to your iTunes library completely tagged with cover art just like a regular mp3 but in lossless quality!

FLAC is a compressed file format that retains all the audio data of a WAV file without loss of audio quality. Choose FLAC only if you understand the FLAC format.

WAV is the original uncompressed file format suitable for all devices and can be converted to your format of choice if needed.