The long awaited Limited Edition Remastered Vinyl of the JBT classic album ‘THREE (2001)’. 
Like the fanbase, we have wanted to make this vinyl remaster for a long time. The tin-type photo frame used to make the classic album cover is an actual mini-photo frame that belongs to the Butler family and houses photos of his ancestors. It was originally scanned to make the cover artwork for the CD since digital photography barely existed at the time. During the making of ‘Flesh & Blood’ we looked for the frame, John thought he knew where it was, in a box full of similar tin-type frames he had stored away – however it was missing! Thought possibly lost as it was separated from the collection of family heirlooms, it was eventually found when the Butler family moved house a few years ago. With that vital piece back in play, we began the Three reconstruction project and built it back up from scratch.

The Limited Edition sold out in 24 hours!

Limited Edition Features


Side A:
Earthbound Child

Side B:

Side C:
Life Ain’t What It Seems
Don’t Understand

Side D:

Exclusive Bonus 2-CD Live Performance

Exclusive to the Limited Edition ‘Three’ Vinyl Only
– This won’t be available in stores or added to streaming services –
Never before heard audio from late 2000, 4 months before the release of ‘Three’ in April 2001.
Recorded live on MiniDisc from the audience on Tuesday 19th December 2000 at the Continental Cafe, Melbourne, Australia. The audio was professionally remastered in 2022 to recapture this epic performance and high energy crowd.
Performed in a small room to a packed crowd with the original THREE lineup:
John Butler – Guitars, Vocals, harmonica | Jason McGann – drums, backing vocals | Gavin Shoesmith – bass, backing vocals.
Featuring 2 solo songs by John Butler to open the show, including ‘That’s Life’ (a song that never got an official release) plus a guest appearance by Nicky Bomba and a unique A Capella encore of ‘Treat Yo Mama’ which would later become the classic opening track from the 2004 album ‘Sunrise Over Sea’. 
This ‘bootleg’ quality recording is raw, honest and alive, pop on your headphones and it’s the closest thing to being there.

0:00 / 0:00
Track 3 - CRAZY

CD 1

  1. Life Ain’t What It Seems (solo)
  2. That’s Life (solo) – Unreleased Track
  3. Crazy
  4. Money
  5. Valley
  6. Don’t Understand

CD 2

  1. Attitude
  2. Betterman (feat. Nicky Bomba on percussion)
  3. Pickapart
  4. Earthbound Child
  5. Take
  6. Treat Yo Mama (A Capella Encore)