A Note from John:

Hey Y’all,

Here’s my latest offering from my new album HOME. This is another one of my favourites. It’s an unabashed love song about meeting my partner, Danielle Caruana, in the romantic and red dirt drenched country of the Kimberley in a town called Broome. This is also one of the best videos I’ve ever made. Soooooo simple yet fairly complex to get just right. I did the jump about 6 times on a winter’s day in the flood waters of the Murray River in Pinjarra, Western Australia, where I grew up from 11-20 y/o. I LOOOOOVE this part of the world. I grew up on this river and it became one of my best friends. I scurfedit, swam it, jumped outta trees into it, explored abandoned farm houses along her banks and generally lived out a ‘Huckleberry Finn’ existence on this river – What a blessed wonderland to grow up in. I’m a lucky man to have had this country teach me and hold me through the ups and downs of my formative years. This location is ‘Graveyards.’ It’s legendary to the kids and locals of Pinjarra. I LOVE THIS VIDEO!! I hope you enjoy it too.

~ John Butler ~

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