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Get this album: CD Vinyl Record Music Home (2018) 8 Videos The Making of ‘HOME’ 8:56 ‘Tell Me Why’ (Official Music Video) 3:34 ‘Tell Me Why’ (Behind The Song) 1:59 Just Call (Official Music Video) 4:54 ‘Just Call’ (Behind The Song) 2:18 ‘Wade In The Water’ (Official Music Video) 4:01 ‘Wade In The Water’ (Behind The Song) 3:24 Home (Official Music Video) 3:07 Tracklist & Lyrics 1. Tahitian Blue – 4:152. Wade In The Water – 3:593. Just Call – 3:274. Running Away – 5:125. Home – 3:056. Miss Your Love – 3:567. Faith – 6:398. Coffee, Methadone & Cigarettes – 6:169. Tell Me Why – 5:2410. Brown Eyed Girl – 4:3811. You Don’t Have To Be Angry Anymore – 4:5012. We Want More – 4:23   Credits John Butler: Vocals, 11 & 6 String Amplified/Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, 5 & 6 string Banjo, Weissenborn Lap Steel, Synthesisers, Percussion, Programmed Beats, Rhodes Byron Luiters: Electric Bass Guitar, Synthesisers, Piano, Percussion Grant Gerathy: Drums, Percussion and Additional Electric Guitar on Miss Your Love Jan Skubiszewski: Piano, Programmed Beats, Synthesisers. Michael Boase & Barnabas Courtauld: Extra Percussion on Tahitian Blue and Wade in the WaterMama Kin: Additional Vocals on Tahitian Blue, Home, Miss Your Love & We Want MoreJahli Bo Carda and the Caruana Massive: Extra vocals on We Want More. Melvin Duffy: Pedal Steel on Coffee, Methadone & Cigarettes. Additional Info Produced By: John Butler & Jan Skubiszewski Recorded & Engineered by: Jan Skubiszewski at Red Moon Studios, Victoria and at The Compound, Western Australia. Additional Production and Arrangement: Byron Luiters & Grant Gerathy Mixed by: Anthony KilhofferExcept for Lead vocals on Wade in the Water mixed by James ‘Bonzai’ Caruso Mastered by: Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound All songs written by: John Butler except for;Home: John Butler, Katy Steele, Thom Crawford, Martin BrownBrown Eyed Bird: John Butler, Joel Quartermaine and Byron LuitersYou Don’t Have To Be Angry Anymore: John Butler and Byron LuitersWe Want More: John Butler, Kav Temperley & Stephen MowatWade In The Water: Contains elements of “Midnight Rider” (G. Allman/R. Payne), Unichappell Music, Inc. (BMI) and Elijah Blue Music, Inc (BMI). All rights reserved. 1. Tahitian Blue Come sail your ship upon this shoreWith battered mast and broken oarLet me aboard to play my partBy letting me into your heartI’ve got, I’ve got only good to giveI only got one life to liveAnd there ain’t no place that is rather beThan with you on these seven seasYou love me and I Love youDeeper than Tahitian Blue Let my arms be the bayMay my heart anchor you through all those wavesMay my eyes be the lighthouse to your boatMay my love keep you afloatLove keep you floating Legs are shaking on dry landIf you should fall take my handAnd I’ll pick you right back up againTell me now where you been When ruthless storming windsAre blowing youAnd you don’t know which way you’re going Come on come onWe can all get some‘Cause after the cold nightComes the sunWe got the right yeah everyoneTo enjoy this lifeAnd have some funYou got the key to your own cage?You got the key so you must be brave?It’s only your life you can saveYou’re deeper than Tahitian 2. Wade In The Water Wade In The WaterI will wade in the waterAnd I will see my reflectionAnd I will know it’s timeSo I’ll goAnd I hope you will find meFor I need some redemptionI can’t walk alone anymore I’m looking for somethingBut I get in my wayI can’t seem to find it on my ownIt’s on the tip of my tongueIt keeps slipping awayI don’t wanna live here all aloneAnymore I will go to the mountainAnd I will look for my loverAnd I will find my soulNo longer live in the valley on my ownNo longer live in the valley on my ownNo longer live in the valley on my own 3. Just Call Hey there girl won’t you look at meYou’re the prettiest thingThat I ever did seeMaybe one dayWhen I’m luckyYou’ll be my queenAnd you’ll marry me I set sail yeah I left my homeI was quite happy just to be aloneThought that love was just a waste of time‘Till someone there changed my mindAnd I said to her Just call and yeah you know I’ll be thereDon’t know but this could be forever So there I was and there you wereAll black and white but you colourDry season in the town of BroomeI found my staircase to the moon Of all the people I could findI found youOur families crossed the oceansSo we could share this space in timeYou just stole my heartAnd cracked me open Just call and yeah you know I’ll be thereDon’t know but this could be forever 4. Running Away Tonight I feel uncleanLike a broken machineI’m choking up on the fear and the doubtWords can’t conveyWhat I’m trying to sayI’m bottle neckingTrying to get it all outAnd I dig through stones and blood and bonesI dig so deep now I can’t even seeFeel just like an archaeologistTrying to find out what happened to meBut no longer Running and running and running and running awayI’m notRunning and running and running and running awayNo more Somewhere long agoDown a dead end roadSomething pulled the rugFrom under my feetCaught me by surpriseKicked mud in my eyesThat’s when my engine started to seizeAnd I held it downPushed it under groundI said, “I never wanna feel that again”Held them all awaySo I can feel safeAnd I guess that’s how I’ve been dealingBut no longerRunning Away Tell me where the map has goneBecause I, I don’t wanna be aloneAny longerI don’t want to feel this way about you.I just want to help you grow and be strongerBut I don’t want to compromise anymoreAnd you don’t want to live with lies anymore soTell me where the map has goneBecause I, I don’t wanna be aloneAny longer 5. Home When the curtains are drawnEverybody has goneI sit here all aloneAll the bottles are dryComing down from the highAll I want is homeIn the land of palm treesHotel room on my kneesThere’s no warmth here on sunsetThe connection is faintAnd